Are you looking for a multi-unit building?

If you would like to obtain the best possible rate for purchasing or refinancing of a multi-unit the following are the conditions that are taken into consideration.

 Your credit score
 Your debt ratio
 The mortgage amount
 Is it an insured mortgage with (CHMC)?
 The property revenues

The objectives vary from one institution to another. They take into account portfolios, objectives, the present market and the international market.


Help you find a financial institution that is most compatible with the property you are willing to have financed.

Help you do business with an institution that is interested in having you as a client.

Provide you with a fare market value so you can finance as much as you can afford at low fees

Architectes Hypothecaires has the ability to orchestrate the financing of your multi-unit building with conditions that can surprise you. At times the rate can be less than a single family home owner occupied.