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Essentially, your mortgage broker has a direct access to more than 20 different lenders. Not only does he offer a much broader range of mortgage products, he provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the rate reductions that he obtains thanks to his volume of transactions. His knowledge of innovative sometimes little known or even unknown lenders of the general public, your mortgage broker has the possibility to present you with unique products and advantages. In this way, your mortgage broker finds the best solution to meet your particular needs by making his highly specialized knowledge profitable for you.

Obviously, as your broker he is not employed by any lender, his opinion is completely impartial. In addition to benefiting from a fast, professional and personalized service, you profit from his services entirely free. This is specific to residential mortgage loans.


At Architectes Hypothecaires, we can offer various mortgage solutions according to your needs. Whether this is your first or your next house, our goal is to facilitate your shopping to secure a loan and to allow you to save. We are available to answer your questions and to simplify the jargon connected to the acquisition of a property at any time.

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